New Rules Of Golf

New R&A Rules

Some of you might be aware of the new R&A rules which are set to be enforced in 2019.

Their aim is to improve the pace of play as well as simplifying the over complex rules we are currently used to. Golfs governing bodies have spent a lot of time developing how members of clubs access the new rules including the standard players guide, which should be available at our club.

You can also download the R&A app on your smartphone giving you an interactive option when learning about the new rules.The R&A website is agreat platform to insight into the changes along with YouTube videos and social media interaction..

Twenty most Important Changes to The Rules Of Golf in 2019

1. Search Time reduced from 5 to 3 minutes

2. Ball moving during search-replace(no penalty)

3. Embedded ball-free relief anywhere

4. Measuring a drop -use longest club(except putter)

5. Dropping using knee height instead of shoulder

6. Taking stance on wrong green is not permitted.

7. Ball hits player or equipment-no penalty.

8. Double hit-counts as one stroke.

9. Touching sand in bunker incidentally is permitted.

10. Loose implements can be removed anywhere.

11. Drop a ball out of a bunker-2 penalty strokes.

12. Water hazards now penalty areas.

13. Touching ground in water/penalty areas acceptable.

14. Ball moves on green after being marked-put back without penalty.

15. Ball accidentally moved on putting green-replace no penalty.

16. Can repair all damage on green.

17. Positioning a club for alignment is not permitted.

18. Caddie assisting with alignment is not permitted.

19.  Ball hitting a flagstick on putting green is allowed.

20. Ball wedged against side of hole and flagstick is deemed as holed.